no candy by emma stanton

Alagic has captured the lyricism perfectly
-Dennis Sparks, Resilience

Eloquently written, beautifully acted, and an important reminder of the horrors of war and the importance of community.
-Krista Garver, BWW Portland

Gripping and Gutwrenching
-Judy Nedry,

Black light created by daniel alexander jones

Jomama Jones is a radiant soul diva. Her stories ring with playful, painful, honest nuance. Black Light is the kind of political theater that manages to merge the raised first with the open palm.
-Sara Holdren, New York Magazine

Activism meets glitter. Jomama Jones is here to turn your pain into something beautiful.
-Hayley Levitt, TheatreMania

Lyrics that stack up like the poetry of a freedom fighter, each song hits essential human truth.
-Naveen Kumar, Towleroad

Passing strange by stew and Heidi Rodewald

Bold, boisterous, and bellicose...seems much more real than it did on Broadway 10 years ago.
-WHYY, full article

One hell of a ride.... it's vivid, vital, and a lot of fun.
-DC Metro

I can imagine many audiences surrendering completely to its quirky charms. Certainly, the Wilma production makes a good case for it.
-Philly Magazine, full article

electric performances....high energy direction
-The Inquirer, Daily News Philadelphia, full article

the brothers size by tarell alvin mccarney

There’s a taut tension between these handsome, athletic actors. With the help of the director, Tea Alagić , they create a vivid, very recognizable world, using almost no set and simple, almost ritualized movements.
-New York Times, full article

Alagić's movement-based direction finds graceful correlatives for the insistent tribal rhythms of McCraney's text, with Burke Brown's sharp lighting and Pratt's driving percussion adding further urgency to the spare but dynamic staging.
-Variety, full article

Electrifyingly staged by Tea Alagić and played to the charismatic hilt by a trio of young actors...the production gives McCraney's script the fevered energy of something ardent and young and fresh.
The Washington Post, full article

But it was through seeing parts of the trilogy at the Fountain Theatre and San Diego's Old Globe (which presented "The Brothers Size," expertly directed by Tea Alagić ), that I became better acquainted with this path-breaking talent.
-LA Times, full article

It is accentuated by Tea Alagić's brilliantly simple and considered production, one in which three bare-chested actors arrive to the stage, limbering up over the accompaniment of a busy percussionist, before creating a playing space with a circle of sand.
-The Irish Times, full article

Director Tea Alagić has staged the play several times now, and her familiarity with the material is surely a huge part of how easily all these big ideas come across.
-Arts Louisville, full article

Here, McCraney’s characters are exciting because they are, at root, clashing manifestations of a unifying impulse, and under Tea Alagić's direction those tensions ignite in powerful performances that define the designated archetypes.
-Leo Weekly, full article

Jackie by Elfriede Jelinek

Benko’s nuanced performance, under the direction of Tea Alagić , is hilarious, inspired, and fabulous, though she could just as easily be playing a wild secretary from “Mad Men.”
-The New Yorker, full article

Benko and director Tea Alagić  manage to find infinite variety in Jelinek’s long text, and the designers follow suit...Benko’s performance and a chance to catch a whiff of one of Eastern Europe’s leading avant-gardists make this smashing of an old icon worth a visit.
Backstage, full article

Even as Benko reflects on the horror, director Tea Alagić  continues to make evident the keen awareness of her need for protective masks. Preparing for the funeral,she tries out different facial expressions to find which is the most effective for crowds to glimpse behind the black mourning veil.
-CurtainUp, full article

Lidless by frances ya-chu cowhig

Director Tea Alagić , who debuted Tarell Alvin McCraney's The Brothers Size, knows how to invest even ordinary speech with the force of ritual.
-The Village Voice, full article

Under Tea Alagić 's pointedly relentless direction, Skraastad dominates the proceedings with a superb performance.
-TheaterMania, full article


A lightly absurdist take on a laundromat, “Washeteria” has a couple of cruddy washers and dryers, a cave of detergent bottles and a pile of unclean clothes stretching up to the ceiling. These short pieces, appropriately juvenile, are designed to please elementary schoolers. Those present applauded the songs and howled at the body humor.
New York Times, full article

WE are pussy Riot! by barbara hammond

An outstanding evening of agitprop . . . Director Tea Alagić has assembled a fine cast and worked them into an ensemble that interacts as freely with the audience as they do with each other.
MD Theatre Guide, Andrew White

The story blisters to life . . . An in-your-face mix of ripped-from-the-transcripts dialogue, performance art, improv and fourth-wall shattering by Barbara Hammond and directed with rebel verve by Tea Alagic. No sitting at a polite distance in this production 
DC Theatre Scene, Jayne Blanchard

Tea Alagić directs with verve and skill
DCMetro Theatre Arts, Robert Michael Oliver

romeo and juliet by william shakespeare

Don’t look for a balcony in Tea Alagić ’s terrifically nervy Romeo & Juliet. That lofty structure, and the romantic trappings it symbolizes, isn’t in the Bosnian director’s playbook. But her minimalist approach to Shakespeare gives this tragedy what it needs.
-TimeOut New York, full article

This newest take on Shakespeare’s tragic lovers rises on the chemistry of its leads. Elizabeth Olsen is in command of her sensuality and her man. Julian Cihi, a talented newcomer, brings savvy and charm to Romeo in Tea Alagić ’s edgy production.
NBC New York

This Romeo & Juliet Is alive, mad and playful. A modern-dress edition that amuses us with its audacity.

Aliens with Extraordinary Skills by Saviana Stanescu

Saviana Stanescu’s “Aliens With Extraordinary Skills” is an enchanting piece of theater, a paean to New York that just happens to include balloon animals...directed with great zeal by Tea Alagić .
-New York Times, full article

The more Tea Alagić and her charming cast convince us of the sweetness of their tale, the more we feel its painful underpinning. Lurking in the woods is an immigration system that gorges itself on the undocumented. Sleep tight, everybody.
-TimeOut New York, full article

Waking up by cori thomas

Cori Thomas’s “Waking Up,” directed by Tea Alagić , offers side-by-side portraits of breast cancer: African Woman (Lynnette Freeman) and American Woman (Amy Staats) hold forth in compelling, stop-and-start bursts, each holding a pose when the other speaks.
-New York Times, full article


Ives and director Tea Alagić ’s production don’t leave you much time to ponder these ideas because she and her two actors quickly get you engaged in their characters.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune, full article


It makes sense to present Man of La Mancha as director Tea Alagić does here—on a completely bare stage, with all actors in modern dress and only a few stray chairs for props.
-INDY Week, full article

4000 Miles by Amy Herzog

With “4000 Miles,” Alagić shows off a more grounded style, where everything seems real, from the hesitations to the sweetest of moments between Lois Markle as 91-year-old Vera and Benjamin Williamson as Leo.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune, full article