Stateless (Mostar/Bosnia/New York/USA)

Stateless was formed in 1998 by Tea Alagic from Bosnia and Thaddeus Phillips, an American, the two having made one another’s acquaintance in the early nineties at Karls University in Prague. They both worked together on Robert Lepage’s „The Geometry of Miracles.

Two intersecting ways of life that couldn’t be more different. She’s a refugee from the Balkans. He’s a film-maker from America. Her terrifying past confronts him with his own history. Roots, memories and biographies quickly turn into a shady zone. The performance is a crazy meandering right through the centre of the zone, with a near cinematic furor. As raw and ghostly as media reality itself, as inscrutable as the swallowed lines of communication, the piece develops a multimedia current on stage that expressively combines scenic installation, multiple projection surfaces, interactive video screens, puppetry and acting with one another.

Original Creation: Thaddeus Phillips, Tea Alagic
Director: Tea Alagic
Performers: Tea Alagic, Steve Ciuffo
Dramaturg: Brad Rothbart