Panic! (How To Be Happy!)
Written, Directed and Designed by Richard Foreman


A theater of heightened 'NOTICING'. A kind of theater which LURCHES (on purpose) towards the emptiness of unavoidably frustrated human effort and desire. It falls apart, re-groups - and tries, in its broken awkward elegance, to open the door to what is here, now, in front of us - but unseen. It may seem "abstract" - but is it? Or is it a vaudeville of impulsive human behavior - "We are now, inside the behavioral center"
- Richard Foreman

Co-produced with the Wiener Festwochen /Vienna Festival


Tea Alagic (Svetlana) 
Robert Cucuzza (Umberto) 
Elina Löwensohn (Luminitza)
D.J. Mendel  (Nikos)

Ben Brantley, New York Times 
Michael Feingold, Village Voice 
Jenny Sandman , Curtain Up